Association Board

The Prospect House Association Board was founded on August 20, 1969 to foster social and intellectual interchange among members of Princeton University’s academic and support staffs The Association is governed by a Managing Board, which is elected from its membership.

The mission of the Prospect House Association Board is to be an advocate for the use of, and attendance of programs at Prospect House in order to promote a collegial environment and atmosphere that creates campus community and supports the educational mission of Princeton University.

Board Member Expectations

  1. Be an advocate and promote the use of Prospect House with colleagues and campus community.
  2. Utilize Prospect House services and attend Prospect House programs when possible.
  3. Assist and support Prospect House management in the planning and implementation of Prospect House programs and encourage attendance.
  4. Bring to management’s attention any customer concerns, operational or programmatic service issues either experienced or brought to your attention. 

Click here for the Articles of Association in pdf format.

2022–2027 Board Members

Shawn Maxam
2022Office of the Provost[email protected]8-9687
Joy Allen 2028Office of Advancement[email protected]8-9419
Kristin Appelget 2028Office of Community and Regional Affairs[email protected]8-3018
Marianna Bogucki 2027University Services[email protected]8-3901 
Jimmy Corsini2028University Services[email protected]8-3232
Ian Deas2027Office of the Dean of
Undergraduate Students 
[email protected]8-4598
Brad Dickerson 2027
Princeton Neuroscience
[email protected]8-3510
Erin Firestone2028Office of Communications[email protected]8-1040
Stephen Kim2027Art Museum[email protected]8-7839
Patricia Lieb 2026Anthropology[email protected]8-2671 
Courtney Massari2026University Services[email protected]8-0286
Maria Mastroianni2026Mathematics[email protected]8-3454
Karen Sisti2026Rockefeller College[email protected]8-5318
Susan VanderKam2028Chemistry[email protected]8-1727
Karen Vaughan2028University Services[email protected]8-6117
Dionne Worthy 2026African American Studies[email protected]8-8159
Kari-Jeanne BowmanEx-OfficioProspect House[email protected]8-3496
Loretta O'ConnorEx-OfficioHuman Resources[email protected]8-3278
Nadeem SiddiquiEx-OfficioCampus Dining[email protected]8-6757
Bernadette PenickEx-OfficioCampus Dining[email protected]8-6097
Marguerite VeraEx-OfficioUniversity Services[email protected]8-8952